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The Resume Of:
Zachary Silva

"Your Next Creative Collaborator"


  • Name: Zachary Silva
  • Email: ZSilva@CFSCrypto.com
  • Phone: Ask.
  • Date of birth: 23 July 1993
  • Mail: Ask.
  • Nationality: Dual Citizen- USA/Brasil

Professional Profile

Zachary is a writer, orator and overall rennaisance man based out of St. Augustine, Florida. Zachary has been featured in several news outlets and podcasts, including Let's Talk Bitcoin and more.

Zachary has extensive knowledge of bitcoin and technology subjects as well as a history of public speaking experience. Zachary's presentations have captivated audiences across the nation. His presentation "Becoming NSA-Proof" at PorcFest 2014 was among the most RSVP'd for the whole event, with 61 registering and over 80 participating. Zachary has consistently invited to speak at Porcfest since 2014 as a result. Zachary also had the honor of speaking on a panel about bitcoin in politics at Bitcoin In The Beltway alongside Jacob Farber of Perkins Coie and 2014 Washington State Congressional Candidate B.J Guillot.

Zachary is an avid traveler, and passionate about eroding economic barriers through technology to empower all of humanity. He only occasionally writes about himself in third person.

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"A True Renaissance Man."

The mark of a true Renaissance Man is in the variety of crafts that he pursues, and in the drive to excel at every craft that he practices. Through years of study, long hours of practice and occasional hard labor, I have sculpted myself into an image I'm proud of and have accquired many skills along the way. I'll admit I'm not perfect though, there's always room to improve, and as a Renaissance Man mastery is my motivation.

Mallet Percussion

Expert, 11 years


Advanced, 9 years

Technical Expertise

Extremely technology literate.

Public Speaking

Highly Adept, 5 years


To be distinguished in his field, a Renaissance Man must know his crafts and know them well. Because of the extensive amount of time I've put into exploring my fields of interest, I can confidently say I have a marketable level of mastery in the skills I've chosen to develop. This is just a sampling of what I have to offer you and the world.

  • Multi-Percussionist
  • Music Compostion
  • Bitcoin Expert
  • Practical Cryptograpgy
  • Photography
  • Photo Manipulation
  • Graphic Design
  • Tasteful Typography
  • WordPress
  • Hosting & Nameserver Configuration
  • E-commerce Integration
  • HTML5 and CSS3 Editing

Language Skills

A second language is a passport to a whole new world, and multilingualism has been scientifically shown to unlock the potential for novel and unexplored thought pathways. Learning a new language can change your views and thinking in a foriegn language forces you to make better decisions. Aboriginees speak only in absolute directions, and are consequently better navigators. Currently, I have a good level of proficiency in three languages, and am a better communicator and thinker because of it.

English Native
Spanish Adept
Portuguese Acquainted


"Everybody Has To Start Somewhere."

From the start I've never really been on a traditional career path. My first official job was as a photographer and Pirate on the Pirate Ship Black Raven in St. Augustine, Florida. There's a lot that you can learn as a crew member on a pirate ship or any boat for that matter. Working on the Black Raven helped me build up confidence speaking to crowds, and I was able to master photography while occasionally taking the helm to help park a sixty ton boat in a dock slip only five feet wider than the vessel.

Modulightor Inc

Digital Strategist

2015 - 2016
Working at Modulightor I worked to put together a new website for them. I also introduced the classic high-end lighting company to social media and the possibilities enabled by it.
Students For Liberty

Campus Coordinator

2014 - 2015
As a Campus Coordinator with Students for Liberty I helped build membership and participation throughout Florida and the southeast. During this time I distributed thousands of books acroos the region and helped in making both the Students For Liberty Florida Regional Conference and the International Students For Liberty Conference a success.
IlluminEarth LLC.

Executive Assistant & Fabrication Supervisor

2012 - 2015
Proper lighting is an absolutely beautiful thing. With IlluminEarth I help with trade shows, web development, fabrication, and fabrication supervison. It's quite wonderful to provide customers exactly what they need to light up their world.
Libertarian Party of Florida

Activist & Regional Representative

2012 - 2014
During my tenure on the Libertarian Party of Florida Executive Committee I helped the party more than double its membership in my region. My biggest project during this time was acting as State Fair Committee Chair. From pre-planning to clean up it was my duty to insure operations of our booth at the State Fair went smoothly. During the actual event I was on site working over 12 hours a day for two weeks straight. Though it was hard work, the chance to engage and inspire thousands of people was worth it for me.
Black Raven Adventures

First Mate/Pirate Photographer

2011 - 2012
There's a lot that can be said about having the chance to work on a pirate ship or any boat for that matter. In addition to the required first aid, CPR and knotsmanship, my experience helped me build up photography & public speaking skills I've been applying ever since.
The Highest Bidder ££¢

Freelancer & Freeman

Birth - Death
Like most other rational people in this world I hope to retire someday. That said, like many other creative and entreprenurial individuals, I don't think I'll ever stop working. Even if money is no object to me I will continue to come up with solutions for the problems of others as well as my own. I will think, speak, write, code, compose, create, design and invent until the day I die, because I can think of nothing more fulfilling that I can do with my life.


"Live and Learn."

Throughout my life I've been passionate about education and the pursuit of knowledge. From early on I was fascinated with sciences of all sorts, among the early interestes I developed were an eye for architecture inspired by LEGOs, an interest in HTML and CSS inspired by MySpace, and a love of biology, chemistry, astronomy, physics and quantam mechanics inspired by the vast world around us and the expansive skies above us.

School of Life

Renaissance Man

Birth - Present
Experience is the best educator, and application of skills is the fastest route to mastery. While it's easy to get caught up in formal credentials, they're not the only means by which a man should be judged. His work and the word of his clients & colleagues are a truer measurement of a man and deserve careful and equal consideration.
St. John's River State College

Associate of Arts

2013 - 2015
As you may be able to tell I have a strong faith in Liberal Arts education, as well as an aversion towards needlessly acurring more debt than one needs to. For these reasons I chose the stepping stone of pursuing an AA and putting my faith in the community college system.
Cambridge University

Advanced International Certificate of Education with Merit

2010 - 2012
The Cambridge Advanced International Certificate of Education (AICE) is an international curriculum and examination system that emphasises the value of broad and balanced study. The AICE Diploma is awarded to international students who pass three A-Level Examinations. In addition to recieving the "With Merit" designation for my high scores, I was also given the Cambridge Advanced Scholar award for my exceptional performance in the June 2010 testing session.


"The Evidence of a Busy Life."

Being the ambitious person that I am I've taken on and completed quite a few projects over the past few years. The following is just a small sampling of my rather varied work. From photography and public speaking, to music composition, web design and live performances, I've done quite a few things with my life that I'm proud to share with you here.


"Ask Me (Almost) Anything."

I'm sure by this point you've got a few questions for me, and if you don't that's fine too. Either way, feel free to contact me, you're welcome to ask me anything. That said, if you want to keep your conversation with me private & confidential or if you're asking a particularly sensitive question I'd appreciate it if you used Wickr or PGP to do so. You can find my PGP Public key here:

Zachary Silva
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Wickr: ZacharySilva

"Want To Connect?"

I'm pretty social, so feel free to connect with me on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Maybe even check out my YouTube channel while you're at it, you might just find something you like.

Zachary Silva